What Is Best For Your Wedding, a DJ or a Band?


Your wedding day is something that is supposed to be very special. For most ordinary people it only comes around once in their lifetime and they want to make it spectacular as possible. That is probably why wedding planners are in high demand these days as people believe they are the best person for the job. The ceremony of course is the most crucial part of the wedding. Everything needs to be just perfect there; from the flowers to the setting etc. getting dresses are also a nightmare as you want to pick the best dress possible for your bridesmaids. Now all of this is very important but after this is the wedding reception which is also an integral part of the wedding. You need to make sure that certain people are not sitting next to each other so as to not cause the start of a family feud at the wedding etc.

Putting aside all of that what is most important to create the proper atmosphere there is the music. You need to pay a lot of attention to this factor as this could be the difference between you guests having the time of their lives at the reception or simply awkwardly hanging about. You have two options for this. You could pick a DJ keeping in with modern times or you could select live band. Both of which you could find online now. For an example just search live entertainment hire in Melbourne and select one of the bands available. Now there are pros and cons to both these options.

Selecting band would obviously mean that you would get to have a better music experience and of course they can relate to the crowd more. But they don’t come cheap. Bands tend to be somewhat expensive and they sometimes say that if you are booking them you have to hire a certain number of members for the wedding. This may end up with you booking a bigger band than you needed. Another thing you need to properly audition them for the job a simple internet search like band entertainment hire would not do it. When you are testing them for quality there are a lot of things to you need to watch out for. That is to say you need to see if they are good at playing, their vocals etc.

On the other hand DJ’s are cheaper and are used by a lot of people today at wedding receptions. Of course their quality depends on the equipment they have so you need to be sure they do have the sufficient equipment for the job. In addition to that they can facilitate a very wide variety of songs. You simply need to request them prior to the wedding. You need to audition them also to make sure they are capable of reading the crowd properly and the best way to do so would be to have a rehearsal prior to the wedding.

It would seem getting a DJ would seem somewhat easier. But of course the final decision is up to you.