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We’ve all been there. Sometimes after a long day, we can’t resist just throwing our clothes on the floor to be picked up later. Or maybe you went a little too wild at that book sale, and now you’re tripping over a growing library in the living room. Clutter is an unavoidable occurrence as you become increasingly settled into your home. If you’re looking to solve your organizational woes while also adding something extra to your room, it’s time to step into the world of modern storage.

Some may not know exactly what we’re referring to when we talk about mid-century modern storage. From dressers, to cabinets, to sideboards and more, the options are wonderfully vast when it comes to finding that modern piece that ties a room together, while also finding a home for your cherished possessions. Feeling a bit confused about the differences between pieces? We’ve got you. Article's dressers, usually placed in the bedroom, are wider in shape and are usually used as space for your clothes when the closet just isn’t enough. Sideboards, on the other hand, are taller in height, and are a lot more versatile when it comes to finding a spot in your house. Their variety of drawer sizes make them a living room staple for holding either the fine china, your beloved record collection, or even the toys that are in a time-out.