Browse Contemporary, Mid Century & Modern Sideboards from Article

As the underappreciated, oft-overlooked middle children of the furniture family, sideboards are fiercely independent and super fun at parties. Coffee tables call the shots, and sofas get all the affection. But contrary to their name, when styled properly, Article's modern storage furniture easily become the center of attention. Great for housing your hand-me-down turntable and prized vinyl collection, or a decorative set of leather-bound books, there really is no limit to the number of intricate combinations that look great on top of these sideline sensations.

Easily the most festive pieces in your furniture-styling arsenal, sideboards make a perfect seasonal stage that can be filled up with holiday decorations for nearly any occasion. From swanky soirées to extended family gatherings, these multi-use miracle workers can be a source of strength, especially as the house starts to fill up.