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Breaking news: we live in the 21st century and electronics play a big part in our living space. With WiFi boxes, gaming systems, PVRs, and of course, our beloved televisions, things tend to become a little crowded. Cords can turn into a tangled mess, leaving your living room looking a little bit disorganized. That’s where modern media consoles come in, giving your TV a stylish spot to perch, while also providing some streamlined storage for your entertainment setup.

Article's modern TV stands are used primarily for the obvious, but some of the additional luxury comes from the storage within. Whether it’s your vast video game library or those DVD box sets of Buffy The Vampire Slayer that you refuse to give up (and why would you?), the open shelving and soft-close drawers in our media units are the perfect place to store it all, in secret or out for the world to see. And most are available with handy cord cut outs, so your electronic plugs can reach the wall sockets with ease, and you can avoid the dreaded cobweb of wires.