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We once lived in a simpler time, when mid century sofas were more about watching TV in a vegetative state than making an aesthetic statement. But times have changed and these days, there are countless variations and configurations on the market. Look no further that Article's wide selection of directional sectionals, chaise modular sectionals, three-seaters, and loveseats. Then there are daybeds, armless sofas, and even cool legless sofas. With so much variety out there, there’s a whole lot to get worked up about.

These are indeed exciting times in the contemporary sofa world. But, of course, not every variation will work in any space. This brings us to one of, if not the most important things to consider when browsing Article's mid-century modern couches: always make sure that the size of your sofa suits your space. If it’s too large for your living room, it will make even the most stylish and perfectly proportioned designs feel cramped. On the other hand, if your room is too spacious for the sofa you’ve selected, it can make it seem undersized and insignificant by comparison.