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Life is full of hard choices, so we thought we’d give you one very soft one: left or right? We are, of course, talking about Article's modern sectional sofas and what type of arrangement you’re going to go with. Whether you choose your luxe, elongated leg space to be built into the right or left side is a crucial decision. Just kidding. It really just comes down to your room’s dimensions and how you want it all to flow.

Article's modern sectionals are those big, beautiful sofas everyone knows and loves. Built like a regular sofa with an adjoining chaise, they provide ample seating and at least two different ways to take a nap. But their L-shaped design also provides a unique tool to style a room with. In smaller spaces, these comfy companions can run along two corner walls, tucking in seamlessly. In larger, open-concept rooms, having the chaise run out and away from the wall helps create a soft barrier of sorts. This will make your living room feel more intimate, while separating it from the neighboring spaces.