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If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of owning an Article ottoman, you otto’ fix that right away. Often seen as the sidekick to the sofa, we at Article believe that in the mid-century modern cinematic universe, ottomans would be the fun sidekick everybody wants to see a spinoff about. But just because they look like cute little bundles of sofa doesn’t mean they should be limited strictly to the living room. Bedrooms, outdoor living spaces, and even walk-in closets can all benefit from well-placed modern ottomans.

Traditionally, ottomans are used as a place to put your feet up when you want to stretch your legs. Versatile by nature, they can easily be moved around to change up the flow in your space. But mid-century modern ottomans don’t just stop at tradition. Article's ottomans come in a wide collection of styles, shapes, and materials that turn these stylish stubs into sleek statement pieces. So feel free to have some fun when making your selection. You may prefer to pick one that will perfectly match your existing room design, and who could blame you? You have excellent taste. But if you want to get a bit funky with it, ottomans are a great opportunity to experiment with a fresh burst of color or texture.