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The outdoor stool is a modern standard. There’s something so simple, yet so stylish about the way we can perch on our patios while sipping our morning coffee, enjoy a summer cocktail with friends, or just have a nice place to sit and ponder. They’re sleek and minimal, not taking up too much space while being surprisingly helpful when it comes to tying together an outdoor space. While stools are generally used for seating around a bar or counter, the possibilities open up when you introduce modern outdoor stools. At Article, the selection of modern stools we offer will bring casual ease when it comes to styling your outdoor space. You’ll be enjoying patio nights in no time.

Our selection of patio stools typically come in two sizes. Bar height, which measures from 28-30 inches tall, are the ideal size if you’re hoping to design a backyard tiki bar. Meanwhile, counter height stools, measuring around 25 to 28 inches tall, are on the shorter side of things. Counter stools are also more flexible when it comes to designing a space that you prefer to have for lounging, eating, or gathering around the kitchen island for meal prep. While choosing the right outdoor stools for your patio, pay attention to the measurements of height you’re looking for. Consistency can help make a space look more balanced and considered.