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Some people wouldn’t necessarily put the same consideration into styling outdoor spaces as they would their living or dining rooms. We are reasonably certain, however, that you are not one of those people. Sure, it might be that this is all just random. Nothing more than a series of fortuitous clicks and keystrokes which have led you to us. Or maybe there’s something bigger going on here. Call it alfresco fate, but maybe this very moment — you, discovering these styling tips to create the outdoor space of your dreams — was written in the stars. This just might be your outdoor destiny.

One thing is for certain: spending time outside is a great way to enhance your sense of spiritual alignment with the universe, and outdoor furniture sets are a great way to spend more time outside. We’re talking backyard barbecues, golden hour cocktail parties and sunrise coffee-sipping sessions. There are so many different ways to style outdoor spaces. Ultimately, deciding on the type of space you want to create will help you choose the perfect outdoor patio set. You could opt for a rustic outdoor kitchen, full of reclaimed wood, wild west decor, and warm colors. Or maybe you’d prefer the cooling properties of an all-white villa vibe, complete with marble accents and plush cushions for extra comfort. Of course, you can never go wrong with a luscious urban garden oasis, with lots of greenery and all-natural materials, like acacia wood or rattan. This last one is a great way to ensure you get lots of fresh air and always have plenty of herbs on hand (fresh basil anyone?).