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There’s something so satisfying about gathering outside on the patio. Once the weather’s warm, you and your crew use it to your full advantage. Sometimes we just never want those warm, cozy nights to end as we gather with friends on the patio, pour some sangria, and celebrate the nice weather. It’s a sacred time, and when you’re cozied up with others on a collection of modern outdoor sectionals, it feels better than ever.

Contemporary outdoor sectionals are great for group gatherings thanks to their L-shaped configurations, but who also doesn’t love having an entire sofa to themselves? Whether you’re all in a semi-circle for tapas night or lounging in different sections of the deck to get some solo reading done, sectionals are wonderfully adaptable. If your team loves to both sit and snooze, check out our couch-chaise combos, for those who want it all. Sit back, glass in hand, and look up at the stars as you drift off into an evening of relaxation outdoors. It’s a modern midsummer night’s dream.