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At Article, we think outdoor benches deserve a lot more recognition. Sure, they may not offer the back support of a traditional chair. But in dismissing them, we’re failing to appreciate the serious functionality that modern outdoor benches can bring to a patio or front porch. Just think about it. If you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party and a few unexpected guests arrive, benches can slide in to save the day (and save those tardy diners from eating on the lawn). Or maybe you could use a stylish seat for the backyard, the perfect place to keep a watchful eye on the kids as they run around. No matter how you choose to put them to use, Article’s modern outdoor benches deserve a permanent spot in your outdoor rotation.

Much like our own unique backyards, decks, and patios, mid-century modern outdoor benches come in an exciting array of styles and materials. Solid acacia wood frames are a timeless and eye-catching option that will bring a touch of warmth to your outdoor space. The same goes for certified teak, which will weather to a charming silver-gray shade over time. Woven synthetic rope and powder coated steel are just a couple more of the durable materials that go into our contemporary bench designs. Whichever option you choose, it’s sure to impress your backyard barbecue guests as they look for a spot to sit, snack, and chat.