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Timeless Wooden Coffee Tables: A Buyer’s Guide

There’s plenty of reasons why wooden furniture is so beloved and gets passed down from generation to generation. Durability, timeless style, or simply being a family keepsake. Solidly constructed, wooden coffee tables are a great example. It’s the intricacies of the wood variations and the design details in the joinery that make wooden coffee tables particularly special. Used daily by everyone in the family, your coffee table is the grounding center of the room. Read on as we explore different areas in your home deserving of a sturdy statement that anchors your space.

Brown wooden coffee table on a tan rug next to a gray sofa.

It’s all about those angles. The Amoeba Coffee Table brings effortless mid-century modern style to any room.

Apartment Size

While a large coffee table might overwhelm a small apartment, you don’t have to sacrifice craftsmanship to find something that fits. With a compact frame, the Amoeba 29.5” Coffee Table is uniquely constructed. Several pieces of solid, American walnut are laminated together to create a smooth table top that showcases intricate knots and color variation. It’s a timeless and versatile design that you can build on. For instance, if you move into a larger space, get more surface area by nesting with the large Amoeba 42.5” Coffee Table

A style chameleon, the Brezza Triangle Coffee Table is at ease surrounded by soft neutrals like the Gabriola Loveseat and the 5 x 8” Hira Rug in Dacite Brown. But, it also holds its own against a vibrant palette like the Sven Loveseat in Yarrow Gold and the Texa Rug in Speckled Green. With its beveled edges, rounded corners, and light oak stain, the Brezza is a worthy surface for your chicest coffee table book and the bougie candle you only burn on special occasions. 

Round wooden coffee table on a rug next to a dark gray sofa.

Want something simpler? The Amoeba also comes in a round shape, providing that classic coffee table design to bring a focal point to the room.

Family Room

Rec room, TV room, family room… whatever you want to call it, it’s a room where kicking back and relaxing is the main goal. The Round Amoeba Coffee Table nestles perfectly with a sectional sofa like the Abisko. Its extra wide, cushioned chaise is a coveted spot large enough for two or three kids to snuggle in. Child- and pet-friendly, the Round Amoeba is easy to wipe down and has no pointy corners or breakable/smudgeable surfaces. The perfect setting for family movie night, popcorn and drinks included. 

Gather around the Lenia Coffee Table for games night. Its long, oval surface provides plenty of room for your Trivial Pursuit board, some fancy mocktails, and a few snacks. Its solid wood base has a spindle shelf, a good spot to store your anniversary edition of Scrabble or a vintage Cribbage board. The Moroccan-inspired Taza Rug is super comfy to sit on, and just scatter a couple Lucca Pillows and the Hira Pouf for extra seating. The more the merrier for when trivia night heats up.

Marble and wood coffee table on a blue rug next to a white sofa.

Doesn’t the Vena Coffee Table just scream (or quietly states) cool?

Living Room

Your living room should be a space for simple pleasures. The rectangular Brezza Coffee Table’s clean lines, smooth edges, and unadorned, solid oak frame feel at home in a gallery-like living room with the modular Solae Sofa in Chill White and the Texa Rug in Vanilla Ivory. Bright, bold art on the walls will pop against the calming neutrals. 

Gone are the days of living rooms that never get lived in. Now it’s all about elevating your space with approachability. The rectangular Vena Coffee Table combines a solid wood base with a smooth carrera top. Like a fine Italian wine, the elegant Vena brings out the unique flavors of the Moro Sofa with its modern curves and the vintage-feel of the Nabilu Rug. Solid foundation with fanciful finishes? A win every time.

White wood and metal outdoor coffee table.

The Toba Coffee Table does it all; from the comforts of the living room to patio superstar.


Inside or out? Get the best of both worlds by seamlessly extending your home’s aesthetic to your patio, enjoying all the benefits of fresh air and vitamin D with the comforts usually reserved for your living room. With a criss-cross aluminum bottom, the Toba Coffee Table has a solid teak top that develops a silver patina with time, telling sun-filled stories of lazy days and long summer nights.

Nest outside with a pair of Nivos Coffee Tables, both constructed entirely of unadorned, solid acacia. By nesting the 32” Round Nivos with the 20” Round Nivos, it creates a large coffee table that’s ideal for entertaining and ensuring there’s a spot to set drinks alongside the hummus and veggie platter. But when you’re lounging on the Murrel Daybed, this versatile arrangement can be separated easily, allowing the 20” Nivos to become a side table. So you can keep your chips and guac at arm’s length. It’s the little things. 

Wooden coffee table next to a leather sofa and a white rug.

With the correct color combo, the Brezza Coffee Table blends seamlessly into your dream living room.

Future Heirlooms

Well cared for wooden coffee tables can last many, many years. Coasters are key to preventing condensation marks and stains while regular cleaning helps ensure longevity. A VIP guest at every party, coffee date, and movie night, a wooden coffee table is a dependable and hearty piece of furniture that’s always there for you and your family. This beloved piece can be passed down to younger generations, bringing with it a sense of style, purpose, and so many stories.

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