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Staying Organized with the Right Modern Dresser for your Space

Life is messy, so waking up to a tidy bedroom feels like you’ve already won the day. No small feat, as we understand that it takes time to form helpful habits and incorporate organization into your space. A dresser is a helpful companion, serving both form and function. But what type are you looking for specifically? We’ll help you navigate the three S’s – style, stain, and size to decide what dresser is the best fit for you and your space.

Brown wood 6-drawer dresser in a modern bedroom next to a brown wood bed.

Meet the storage superstar. The Lenia Dresser‘s solid wood curved handles is just one of its many fab features.

Minimalist Spectrum

Drawn to clean lines and bare essentials? Double down on your minimalist design inclinations with the Lenia 6 Drawer Double Dresser. Unadorned yet solidly constructed, its beauty lies in the details — the spindle legs, curved handles, and under-mounted soft-close drawers. It scratches all the satisfying, minimalist itches while providing a ton of storage.

Maintain a simple yet soothing aesthetic while dipping your toes into texture with the subtle chevron wood grain and metal pulls of the Nera 6 Drawer Double Dresser. It’s also available in a low profile style, making it a versatile investment if you ever move or renovate your home. Today’s bedroom dresser can easily become tomorrow’s dining room credenza or living room media unit.  

With a simple silhouette and soft-close drawers, the foundation of the Envelo 6 Drawer Double Dresser is rooted in minimalist principles. But make no mistake, the Envelo commands attention in the details with a brilliant matte lacquer case (available in white or black) and stylish leather pulls. 

Black and brown food 6-drawer dresser next to a white rug.

Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours. The Envelo Dresser‘s sleek style is one to remember.

Choose your stain


Warm up your space with a walnut stain. Counteract coldness by selecting the Lenia, Nera, or Envelo in this deep, rich hue. It may seem cliché to say American black walnut is timeless, but beloved for decades, it’s the ideal stain for mid-century modern and has its well-earned reputation. Play up the richness of the room with a matching wooden bed and the handsome Parallel Rug in Wave Blue or Mountain Gray.

A white oak 6-drawer dresser in a modern bedroom against a white wall.

The Lenia Dresser in White Oak is an easy way to add a dash of brightness to your room.


With Scandinavian and Japanese influences, the White Oak Lenia or veneered Nera adds a lightness to your space synonymous with modern minimalism. Unadorned, this simple stain feels soothing, fresh, and natural. It pairs perfectly with an upholstered bed like the Abisko in Mist Gray or something textured like the Texa Rug.

A black wood dresser on hardwood floors, next to a gray rug.

Feeling moody? The Lenia also comes in Black Ash, adding some dark elegance to the space.

Black Ash

The color black (or shade to be more specific) is always in style, because it goes with everything. Monochromatic? No problem. Mix and match with another wood stain? Stunning. Soften with white and gray accents? Absolutely. The possibilities with the Black Ash stain are endless. The Lenia Bed with the fabric headboard in Rain Cloud Gray and Hira Rug in Natural Ivory would be a calming juxtaposition against the bold statement dresser.

A white and brown wood 6-drawer dresser in a modern living room next to a blue chair and ottoman.

It’s not just a bedroom buddy. The Envelo Dresser also sits smartly in your living room.


There are a few considerations when deciding what size of dresser to select. Your organizational needs are a big part — how big is your closet and how do you use it? Where do you store off-season clothing (winter jackets, in particular, take up a lot of room)? What about surface area — do you need a place to put your TV, speakers, record player, or books? So many questions, but there are easy enough answers. 

Beyond organizing, you’ll want to consider room size. The Nera 5 Drawer Chest for example has a compact footprint ideal for smaller spaces while the lower and longer Nera 6 Drawer Double Dresser fits better in a room with sloped ceilings.

A 6 Drawer Dresser, like the Lenia, is larger and can store more than its 4 Drawer Chest counterpart. If you share a large bedroom, both pieces provide each partner with ample storage and their own wardrobe area. It’s all about figuring out what fits the best in your space without sacrificing storage.


Dress(er) for success

Your room just feels better when everything has its place. It makes tasks like putting laundry away or choosing your OOTD a breeze. Life is busy enough — streamline your routine, starting with the right dresser. How you organize your drawers, well, we’ll leave that up to you. The main thing is you fall asleep, in your clutter-free bedroom, knowing that everything is right where it should be.

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