Browse Mid Century & Modern Throw Pillows from Article

At Article, we’re constantly on the hunt for comfort. And when it comes to adding an extra dimension of cozy modern luxury to your home, we believe pillows are the element that really takes it up a notch. Specifically, modern couch pillows that lounge invitingly on your sofas, lounge chairs, and beds. When applied correctly, they’ll make an everyday piece of furniture go from simply comfy to a level of comfort that’s out of this world.

Mid-century modern throw pillows are just the thing when you’re looking to bring some style and visual variety to your living room sofa setup. Try to embrace your inner creative director with pillows that sport bold, contrasting patterns and touchable textures. Cooler colors like light blue, gray, and white are great for adding a calm, neutral vibe to your space, while warmer hues like red, orange, and pink will heat things up in just the right way. An added bonus? Most of Article’s modern decorative pillows come in sets of two, adding consistency (and something extra to nap on) to your relaxation station.