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Does it matter how impeccably styled your space is if it’s shrouded in darkness? Modern lighting is always needed in any room of the house, regardless of whether it’s sparse on windows or simply requires an extra dose of brightness. At Article, our collection of modern lighting and lamps will bring you out of the dark ages, and into a space that’s cozy, well-lit, and stylish.

Modern lamps have never shied away from an upgrade. Floor lamps are a reliable classic, as they fit effortlessly beside any armchair or sofa to shed some light on an evening of reading your latest page-turner. Table lamps, meanwhile, give an artist some extra visual support while putting the finishing touches on their next masterpiece. Sconce lamps, the stylish cousin of floor and table lamps, can be a stand-in for its counterparts by mounting on a wall to shine a spotlight on your sitting space. And finally, pendant lamps aim for a room-wide way of lighting, hanging above your dining table, kitchen, or even your bed and enveloping the space in a warm ambiance.