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Hey there, why don’t you grab a seat. We have lots to discuss. No chair? What a coincidence, that’s what we wanted to talk to you about: chairs. Mid-century modern chairs, to be exact. Dining chairs, lounge chairs, stools, benches, armchairs — do you have goosebumps too? Anyway, we could talk about chairs for hours, but since you’re standing we’ll keep it brief. Chairs are an essential part of every room.

Sometimes, making the right chair choice is simple; Dining chairs for the dining room, desk chairs for the office. But sometimes, the sheer breadth of options can be overwhelming. Allow us to be of some assistance. Once you’ve identified where you want your new chair to end up (we’ll assume you’re past that part since you’re here), there are some beacons you can look to for making a decision you’ll feel good about. For starters, the size. It seems obvious, but measuring up and picking a chair that literally fits in with a central point of the room will keep it from feeling disjointed. In a living room for example, you can use your sofa as a guide. You’ll want to go for chairs that are smaller and will match the sofa’s height as closely as possible.