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Modern stools are one of the most versatile seating options out there. At Article, we offer a wide range of mid-century modern stools designed to work in any space. When choosing the right one for you, it’s all about knowing what to look for.

MCM stools typically come in three sizes. The shortest is chair height, which measures 18 inches and is ideal for seating at most kitchen tables. Next, there’s counter height, measuring 24-26 inches. Think kitchen islands or apartment peninsulas. Finally, there’s bar height, from 28-30 inches tall. These are your typical tiki bar or sports cave picks. When searching for the perfect modern stools, it’s important to consider the measurements as well as their placement in your home. Another important aspect is their use. If your stools will be used for serving food, choose a low-maintenance material such as leather or wood. This will make cleanup quick and easy when compared to their upholstered fabric counterparts.