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If you ever played a team sport in high school, we understand that you might feel a little triggered by us suggesting that you hit the bench. But we can assure you that it comes from a place of love (and a huge passion for modern benches) when we say it. Unlike your past coaches, at Article, we bench you because we care.

Article's mid-century modern benches are the perfect seating solution for when you have the whole team together. Okay, that’s enough with the sports references. We’re just trying to say that benches are great for large family meals or hosting a bunch of friends. Placing benches along the dining table creates an inclusive atmosphere while allowing you to be more flexible with the guest list. Somebody brings an unexpected plus one to dinner? Problem solved in one simple scooch. You may even want to consider having a modern bench along one side of the table and chairs along the other, simply because it looks very, very good.