Break Free From The Traditional Wedding Rules

In each country, there are certain traditional wedding rules that have been carried forward since the early generations. The modern day couple are starting to walk away and turn their heads away from been molded into these so called old time traditions. People are much more aware of these ruling and seem to have no connection whatsoever in reality. Hence couples now opt for more creative and innovative ways that are making their entry way too many weddings that are taking place in today’s world. Regardless of your choice of having a traditional classical wedding or an ultra-modern wedding, you sure can step away from the standard wedding rules and superstitions. Here are some of the common wedding myths that couples in the present generation are rising up from.

Bride and Groom seeing each other before the wedding means bad luck

This dates back too ancient history, when majority of the couple back then did not even see their life partner-to-be till the day of the wedding! However many people nowadays have moved away from this tradition and capturing pictures of what’s known as the “first look of the couple”. This gives great chances for photographers to capture the magical moment of the groom seeing his bride in the white glory for the very first time. Couple now place photo booths for hire and snap funny and romantic pictures before the ceremony even begins.

Photo booths for hire in Melbourne are great and fun ways of keeping your guests entertained as well. Do not be afraid of breaking away from this mold can capturing the “first look” moments with your life partner.

Tossing of the Bouquet and garter

When the bride tosses her bouquet at the end of the reception whoever of the single ladies that capture it means that they are the next to be married. Garter tossing by the groom signifies the next single gentleman who is next to be wed. Gone are the days when a bunch of single ladies fight for a bouquet and the bride baring her thigh in front of drunken men while the groom undoes the garter. Instead couples now choose to handover the bouquet to a loved one or to a couple that has been married for lengthy periods as loving sentimental gift.

The bride ‘HAS’ to be escorted down the isle

Not all brides has that special person in their life to take her hand and escort her down the aisle and handover her to the man of her dreams. If a bride wants to walk down the aisle solo, then that’s fine too.