Break Free From The Traditional Wedding Rules

In each country, there are certain traditional wedding rules that have been carried forward since the early generations. The modern day couple are starting to walk away and turn their heads away from been molded into these so called old time traditions. People are much more aware of these ruling and seem to have no connection whatsoever in reality. Hence couples now opt for more creative and innovative ways that are making their entry way too many weddings that are taking place in today’s world. Regardless of your choice of having a traditional classical wedding or an ultra-modern wedding, you sure can step away from the standard wedding rules and superstitions. Here are some of the common wedding myths that couples in the present generation are rising up from.

Bride and Groom seeing each other before the wedding means bad luck

This dates back too ancient history, when majority of the couple back then did not even see their life partner-to-be till the day of the wedding! However many people nowadays have moved away from this tradition and capturing pictures of what’s known as the “first look of the couple”. This gives great chances for photographers to capture the magical moment of the groom seeing his bride in the white glory for the very first time. Couple now place photo booths for hire and snap funny and romantic pictures before the ceremony even begins.

Photo booths for hire in Melbourne are great and fun ways of keeping your guests entertained as well. Do not be afraid of breaking away from this mold can capturing the “first look” moments with your life partner.

Tossing of the Bouquet and garter

When the bride tosses her bouquet at the end of the reception whoever of the single ladies that capture it means that they are the next to be married. Garter tossing by the groom signifies the next single gentleman who is next to be wed. Gone are the days when a bunch of single ladies fight for a bouquet and the bride baring her thigh in front of drunken men while the groom undoes the garter. Instead couples now choose to handover the bouquet to a loved one or to a couple that has been married for lengthy periods as loving sentimental gift.

The bride ‘HAS’ to be escorted down the isle

Not all brides has that special person in their life to take her hand and escort her down the aisle and handover her to the man of her dreams. If a bride wants to walk down the aisle solo, then that’s fine too.

Mesmerizing Attractions Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has always been famous for its night life and shopping. It has gained countless number of titles and is now one of the most popular entertainment hubs of Asia There are the many tourist attractions that countless number of tourists as well as locals enjoy.

Hong Kong night life boasts a wide range of choice for the regular party goer or someone who wants to have fun just that night. The clubs located around SoHo are the most famous ones and many of the elite come to party and unwind in those clubs.

The glitz and glamour of the rich as well as the locals and come to enjoy the sounds of the best DJ’s and also the best clubs in Hong Kong have been listed as some of the best clubs in the world.

Apart from the night life, Hong Kong boasts a wide array of shopping and is often named as one of the best shopping destination. Good news for the shopaholics! The Fashion Week and Winter fest are definitely not to miss for anyone crazy about fashion and entertainment. Also Hong Kong offers a unique experience of after dark shopping with shops lit up. The city offers entertainment throughout the day and does not cease throughout the night.

When it comes to entertainment and fun for the kids, people are spoilt for choice. For the kids the Symphony of Lights and Dragon Boat races is very entertaining and worth the time.

For the adults there are many options that it’s hard to witness it all in one trip. However if you have the time the Hong Kong International Film Festival ,Hong Kong Housewares Fair and the Man Hong Kong International Literary are some of the places you can visit depending on your interests and hobbies. Make sure to have a map with you marked with all the places you want to visit.
For the sporting fans, the rugby sevens event is definitely worth going for and even the people who aren’t sporting fans, it doesn’t fall short of entertainment.

Other entertaining events around Hong Kong include the shows by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra Hong Kong Ballet, the City Contemporary Dance Company and the Hong Kong Dance Company. These are unique shows conducted by professionals’ dancers and musicians and also stir up the musician and dancer in you.

For Hotel and accommodation, Hong Kong offers the boasts of some of the best hotels if you are willing to pay. However if you are on a budget there are many hotels and motels which are comfortable and cost effective.

Turn Up The Party With Carnival Rides

Enough of those gatherings where all one can do is sit in one corner with a drink in their hand or simply socialize, for the lack of activity. We have all been there and done all of that and we have gotten bored of these gatherings. There is nothing to do for most part, other than aimlessly going from one attendee to another and speaking of the same things which we have had discussed the last time we had met. Now, that is incredibly interesting and a great way to rekindle few relationships, but what if, in between such interactions, we could engage ourselves by riding those carnival themed rides, which we rarely get a rare opportunity to get on?

What are better than rides?

Break all the rules, because you can get carnival rides for hire. Prepare to give the attendees the best time of their life, as they make their way through the lines and get on to those metal seating arrangements and get back to their childhood days. Even better is that they need not wait for an obnoxious amount of time in the line. Oh but wait, because there are a lot more to offer. It is not just that the carnival rides are up on offer, but we have the light and sound arrangements to go along with them, to complete the experience and make your party the best one any individual has ever attended.

Adding more to the story

Imagine, people walking into those gorgeously lit land-area, where the rides are planted in the most strategized way and where the entire familiar faces are waiting to greet them. And to add to this fete is the sound and light, doing full justice to the merriment. Now, there are few things to consider before you go about booking the carnival rides for hire. The first thing to consider is the age of those who will be attending the party, because this will determine what rides you will want for hire and the next thing is the safety measures which the company would abide by.

Ensure the safety measures of the party

It is of absolute importance that the company takes good safety measure when it comes to these carnival rides, because these are temporary set ups. Anyway, make sure you have checked with the company and it is best if you could opt for a reliable one. That being said, host the best party the world can imagine and make people envious of what you can do with these gatherings, give them the goals they would need to attain, at some point, and be the hero for the day.

Best Event For Overall Enjoyment!

Functions are star attractions for many people because they are the basic forms of entertainment for most of the individuals. They form a lot of dance and enjoyment for overall fun and frolic. They involve a lot of people who want to have a good time and therefore they accumulate with each other in order to make sure that they can have a good time. Many times these functions happen due to some particular occasion but most of the times people attend them for the fun part of it. During these functions all family members get an opportunity to have fun and dance well with the music on and party hard. This is a true thing.

Bands for hire are available in many parts of the world with the best quality there ever can be. They play different types of music. They can cater to the needs of the individual party members as well as most importantly to the hosts of the party. The party host generally informs the band to play a particular genre of music that is followed by the person without much trouble. There are times when a person does this out of the interest of the others who are present as well but then it mostly happened in case of these people only. The kind of band that will be hired many times depends upon the kind of people who are hosting a party. A rock band with electric guitars and percussions will definitely not be hired by someone who is elderly and is planning a get together with soft tones with his long lost friends. Therefore the kind of party band being hired depends on the person who is hosting the party and the people for whom the party is meant.

Apart from this too there are other factors that determine the holding of a particular party, check this awesome corporate entertainment. Many people say they want some kind of music in their party but they do not want a lot of emphasis on the music alone. In such cases one can say that the person holding the party or function might say they are more in favor of a little instrumental playing background music and not a huge orchestra and a singer. On the other hand sometimes the money too becomes a point for people to think they might want some particular form of party music rather than the other. Some groups charge a lot of money. That is more than what was initially decided to be paid to the people. Therefore the person might be able to say that one is definitely very important before booking a particular musical group for performance.

What Is Best For Your Wedding, a DJ or a Band?


Your wedding day is something that is supposed to be very special. For most ordinary people it only comes around once in their lifetime and they want to make it spectacular as possible. That is probably why wedding planners are in high demand these days as people believe they are the best person for the job. The ceremony of course is the most crucial part of the wedding. Everything needs to be just perfect there; from the flowers to the setting etc. getting dresses are also a nightmare as you want to pick the best dress possible for your bridesmaids. Now all of this is very important but after this is the wedding reception which is also an integral part of the wedding. You need to make sure that certain people are not sitting next to each other so as to not cause the start of a family feud at the wedding etc.

Putting aside all of that what is most important to create the proper atmosphere there is the music. You need to pay a lot of attention to this factor as this could be the difference between you guests having the time of their lives at the reception or simply awkwardly hanging about. You have two options for this. You could pick a DJ keeping in with modern times or you could select live band. Both of which you could find online now. For an example just search live entertainment hire in Melbourne and select one of the bands available. Now there are pros and cons to both these options.

Selecting band would obviously mean that you would get to have a better music experience and of course they can relate to the crowd more. But they don’t come cheap. Bands tend to be somewhat expensive and they sometimes say that if you are booking them you have to hire a certain number of members for the wedding. This may end up with you booking a bigger band than you needed. Another thing you need to properly audition them for the job a simple internet search like band entertainment hire would not do it. When you are testing them for quality there are a lot of things to you need to watch out for. That is to say you need to see if they are good at playing, their vocals etc.

On the other hand DJ’s are cheaper and are used by a lot of people today at wedding receptions. Of course their quality depends on the equipment they have so you need to be sure they do have the sufficient equipment for the job. In addition to that they can facilitate a very wide variety of songs. You simply need to request them prior to the wedding. You need to audition them also to make sure they are capable of reading the crowd properly and the best way to do so would be to have a rehearsal prior to the wedding.

It would seem getting a DJ would seem somewhat easier. But of course the final decision is up to you.